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Shanghai, China

We are a team of professionals with a strong experience in consulting for OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE (OPEX). We built our knowledge and capabilities working with more than 200 Plants of many different industrial Sectors in 22 Countries all over the World for more than 28 years.

Our Customers are multinational and middle size Companies which decided to implement the discipline of OPEX to successfully compete in their markets.

Operational Excellence is the desirable status that a Company approaches when all its resources operate at their best. An organization that pursues an Operational Excellence differentiation strategy is able to satisfy its Customers, its Shareholders and its Employees, respecting the Territory where it is located.

Shanghai, China


We combined the learning from well-known Japanese private Enterprises and Japanese Governmental Organizations for the industrial development and our live experiences with our Customers to redefine most of the basic rules that govern the operations of an Industry in order to reach OPEX. This is why now we are able to provide the best contribution in their quest for OPEX to industries in Automotive and their Suppliers, Consumer goods (food & beverages, detergents), Luxury, Medical Technology, Steel and Rubber.

Driven by our Customers in their ambition to apply successful OPEX in their locations around the World, we adapted our approach to the taste and preferences of our Multinational Customers to cope with the many different Cultures where they operate.

Shanghai, China


Our consultancy work always produces measurable results, which make our Customers happy and loyal to our services.

We intentionally do not list the names and logo of our Customers, as we consider this habit someway superficial and potentially misleading on our services.

We may prove our references during individual meetings and give evidence of the results with focused visits

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Shanghai, China


We chose the flower of Passiflora Caerulea as a naturalistic metaphor. Its astonishing beauty in 3D is the result of all its numerous parts, each one with different functions, which combine so smoothly to attract the attention of insects and humans.

Passiflora Caerulea could be not only an outstanding flower but also the metaphor for the complexity that Companies face in the World today.

Shanghai, China


We help our Customers to align their strategic objectives with concrete actions on the shop floor with measurable indicators, to ensure commitment of the Management. We serve our Customers to drive their processes, from the most relevant to the supporting ones, aiming to perfection along well-tested routes.

Our methods and tools originated mainly in Japan and have been successfully tested in hundreds of cases before we adapted them for the non-Japanese cultures. At the center of this journey are the Persons.

We take care of them and strive to build the right attitude, the right mindset and the right competencies. We learned to talk their language to achieve the right behaviors.

Shanghai, China


We have identified 10 MANAGEMENT CRITERIA that guide Managers in taking the right decisions to successfully implement Operational Excellence. During our assignments, we accumulated a huge experience regarding technical abilities that must be built inside the Customer organization.

We bring a fundamental contribution to help Companies build those competencies, that we call PILLARS, to enhance the capabilities of the employees toward Operational Excellence and to make them autonomous.

Shanghai, China


The name of our Company, ŌdeXa, expresses this ambition.

ŌDō (from Japanese 王道, pronounce oodoo), means The Main Road,
Excellence, related with the reasons of our existence as a Company,
A stands for Atelier, indicating that our work is tailor made on the needs of the Customer

ŌdeXa is your Partner to help find the right path to Excellence.

Shanghai, China


We have intentionally organized our website in a very simple way. We refuse to propose standard solutions and a long list of acronyms to attract the attention of our potential Customers.

We believe that few words and concepts should inspire enough to contact us for a visit. We will understand your needs after we have met and studied the available data, and then we will propose the right routes, methods and tools to achieve your vision. Upon request, we can provide Customers references and organize a meeting and a visit to their premises (if allowed).

Shanghai, China


Please have a look to our Practices pages; they will give you more specific explanations on our offer of services.