Supply Chain Excellence

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Shanghai, China


Companies in all Sectors are progressively realizing that a significant portion of the hidden opportunities of improvements lies in the optimization of the Supply Chain.

Supply Chain is becoming vital to deliver superior value to Customers, Stakeholders and Community

Shanghai, China

ŌdeXa helps his Customers to identify, build and implement the road map towards the Excellence in Supply Chain Management to achieve substantial and lasting improvements.

ŌdeXa Supply Chain approach is perfectly integrated with the Manufacturing Approach and is structured across 7 axes:

Shanghai, China
  • Value Chain Strategy determines how to link the Supply Chain Strategy to the Business Strategy
  • Supply and Distribution Network Optimization define number and roles of facilities, in/outsourcing policies and transport modalities
  • Route to Market optimizes types of sales, delivery and perfect order concept
  • World Class Supply Chain Route covers the End-to-End Supply Chain by empowering the organizations as WCM does in Manufacturing. A key aspects here is the number of analytical and simulation tools to optimize the inventory management  and to optimize the cycle order-to-cash
  • Sales & Operations Planning is the key best practice to integrate Demand and Supply
  • Internal Logistic Process Improvement attacks the 7 wastes  of the Perfect Value Stream within the factories, warehouses and transports
  • Supply Chain Quick Scan  identifies the areas with highest potential for improvement and highlights the performance indicators to measure filling the gap
Shanghai, China




ŌdeXa experience covers a wide range of services across multiple industrial sectors and services.

Scope of projects varies from a focused improvement in specific areas to multiyear partnerships for World Class Supply Chain development.


Shanghai, China



The ŌdeXa structured method, which constantly links KPI to business performance, is applied while optimizing the Factory, the Integrated Supply Chain and the Extended Value Chain from Suppliers to Customers and Consumers.

Shanghai, China



ŌdeXa develops effective strategies and practical implementation plans, by involving multifunctional teams in common projects and by creating a continuous improvement culture, which frees the existing potential of Customers resources and creates the motivation for the Excellence in Supply Chain.