The Japan Study Tour 2024

Japan Study Tour


  • The ŌdeXa Consultants owe most of the results achieved by its Customers to the learning they got from Japan during the last 35 years.
  • Grateful for this legacy and looking for further lessons, ŌdeXa periodically organizes a JAPAN STUDY TOUR for its Customers.
  • ŌdeXa Consultants served more than 250 companies in 22 Countries.
  • Thanks to the connections with many Japanese organizations, and the relations and friendships that we have built with many Japanese individuals in these years, we have identified up to 8 Companies in 2024 that we consider EXCELLENT, for their performances and for the implementation of well-known approaches to improve their performances.
  • ŌdeXa updates every year this list of Excellent Japanese Companies based only on the high level of implementation and the results obtained.

This document is the first announcement of the JAPAN STUDY TOUR 2024 of ŌdeXa, that will take place in the week from April 14th, 2024 to April 19th, 2024

The Journey. 3 Levels of implementation

This road represent the “journey” that we experienced many times during our consulting jobs. We aim to bring our Customers through the second level and particularly to the third
level. Only at that point, the Persons in a Company are capable of imagining what excellence is and approaching it.

We believe that the criterion of aiming only for excellent implementations, regardless of the industrial sector, is the essential way to stimulate the cognitive behavior of the Participants to out Japan Study Tour. They will go back to their homes thinking about how to do their best, studying the methods and combining them with their native Culture.

Please read the following pages – which are still in progress, due to the long process to get the permissions for the visits in the period that we selected – and let us know your comments.


Level 1


See what Japanese
Companies are doing and do
the same, with Google-like

Level 2

Learn the Methods

Study what will enable the improvements, first test and then implement them, learning from mistakes.

Level 3


The CULTURE of Japan that
created those methods and
identify how to combine
them with your OWN

The Companies we are going to visit

We are aiming to visit as many as possible of the Companies listed below, and we are organizing the workshops to deeply understand the Japanese culture.

Every company has been identified being an Excellence Model in its business, thanks to the high level of implementation of the most important methodologies of improvement – such as TPM, TPS, Kaizen – and the consequently obtained results.

Area Company Workshops and cultural activities
Kyoto Omron Taiyo Temples and Culture of Japan
Nagoya • Rohto Pharma
• Avex
• TPS Workshop in Toyota City
• Toyota Techno Museum
Gotemba Tetra Pak
Gotemba • Riken Keiki
• Nissan Motors
• Bankio
• Yamato
TPM workshop with JIPM

The tentative agenda of the week

This agenda is still under construction.
We have identified all the opportunities, but we still don’t have the final confirmation of every meeting. Upon availability of every company, some timing or some company name can change.
In the further releases of this document you will find the updated calendar.

Fees and important notes to be considered

1. The fee for the Japan Study Tour (JST) 2024 will be 5,500.00€ (five thousand five hundred euro) per pp.

The price includes:
• Hotel stay from Sun. Apr 13th, 2024 (check-in) to Sat. Apr 19th, 2024 (check-out)
• Continental breakfast and all the dinners are included in this interval
• Internal Japan transportations

The price does NOT include:
• Flights to-from Japan
• Personal and luggage insurance
• Lunches
• VAT or any other taxes that might be foreseen by the tax system of your Country
• Anything else not explicitly mentioned here.

2. The JST has been planned for 12-15 participants, on a “first-come, first-served” basis. The priority criterion is the payment of the fee.

3. ŌdeXa S.p.A. must receive the full payment of the fee by March 1st, 2023.

4. The Orientation to the JST on Sunday evening, the Japan Culture tours, and the interaction between the JST Participants and the Japanese counterparts will be ensured by Dr. Rosario Manisera, a Japanese culture expert, and professional interpreter of English-Japanese with several decades of experience in Japan.

5. Every day, Dr. Manisera and the Odexa team will prepare the group of participants for the activity of the day with some cultural pills on the topics that will be faced.

6. The program shown in this document is still tentative, As soon as the companies will confirm each schedule, a new release of this document will be prepared with detailed information for every activity.

Participation to the JST2024

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